What to Put in Your Backpack When Traveling to the Beach


The tropics will always be a dream destination for someone who has lived all his life in a cold temperate region of this planet.  For sure, going to the beach is on top of the list.

Whether you choose to travel to the windy beaches of the Bahamas, or the white powdery beach on one of the islands in the Philippines, or any other beaches located in the tropics, the following should all be placed in your travelling bag or you have to spend some time looking for them when you reach your destination.

Sunscreen Cream and Lotion

You will probably regret going to the tropics if you forgot a sunscreen cream for your face and lotion for your body. Having your skin damaged by the intense rays of the sun may take a long time to heal, even with medication and technology. With burnt skin, you will not surely look your best or even come close to it. Bring more sun protection formula creams to make sure that you will be beautiful as ever.

Cap and Sun Glasses

A cap may help you prevent direct exposure of your head and face. It also provides shade to your eyes. Sunglasses are needed to dim the very bright sunlight at noon and early afternoons. The sun can really be so unforgiving during these times of the day.


Closed shoes may not be advised when going to the beach and even when going for a casual walk in the tropics. It is most comfortable to buy a rubber slipper a little bigger than your normal size. With the hot weather, your feet will expand. The same is true with your pants and shirt; you may feel that they are not as comfortable as they used to.


You need a lot of fluids when the weather gets scorching and humid. Much water from your body will evaporate, and it might cause you dehydration and heatstroke. These are not uncommon in tropical countries. Fresh fruit juices are recommended for their valuable content of vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes.

Insect Repellants

Insects may swarm over you when you do not apply a considerable amount of insect repellant on your skin. Mosquitos, flies, bugs, and other tropical insects can give you health problems and will definitely make you uncomfortable.

sun bathingAnti-diarrhea Tablets

If it is your first time to travel to the tropics, your stomach may not be used to their kind of food. You can avoid the discomfort that diarrhea can bring with anti-diarrhea tablets.

Always be mindful of practical safety tips so that your vacation will be filled with only good memories.