Things to Know Before Travelling to Cuba

Cuba Travel

Everyone always feels excited when talking about traveling. It happens because it can help people escape the routine while enjoying some pleasant liveliness. This way, people can even refresh their minds and get ready to get back to their daily jobs. Therefore, no wonder traveling has become most people’s favorite things to do. 

In case you have only a short time to go on vacation, then going to visit Cuba would be an excellent opportunity to relax your day. This small island is just a few hundred miles off the coast of Florida. When traveling to Cuba, you can enjoy many things that might surprise you, as listed below. 

Cuban Cigars

cigar from CubaPlease remember to make your travel to cuba complete taking the best cigar cutter with you. It is essential to bring it if you want to try the special Cuban cigars. These cigars are even internationally known as the best cigars in history. As the best, they are also quite expensive. 

Cuban cigars are called the forbidden fruit because of their characteristic taste and smell. Torcedores are considered artists in cigar rollers and are greatly respected in Cuba and worldwide. Although Cuban cigars are considered the best cigars globally, they are banned in the United States.

Fidel Castro

Who does not know Fidel Castro? The prominent figure who has been revered and despised by many at the same time. Besides known as a person in power in Cuba’s history, he has nationalized all commercial enterprises. He has also brought agriculture to some collective community and controlled U.S.owned enterprises. Due to such policy, Castro ended some ties with the US and started to be an ally with the Soviet Union. Furthermore, he is known to be someone who has transformed Cuba into a communist place.

Cuban Rum

Cuban rum, with its bright but strong flavor, was called the spice of life. Like Cuban cigars, rum is illegal in the United States because of the trade embargo imposed in 1962. Cuban rum is made from this by-product of sugar cane known as molasses. This method of rum production was introduced in Cuba by African slaves. Cuba became the leading supplier of rum in 1700, and the most popular brand of Cuban rum is Havana Club.

Cuban Dance

Cuba is famous for its sexy and provocative Latin American dances. Imagine walking on the dance floor while walking to the rhythm of your dance partner. Cuban dance is all passion and dance history. The expression “Salsa” was created in New York, regardless of how it originated in Cuba. Salsa combines a combination of French danzón, African rumba, and Cuban son. Compared to Salsa, Cha-Cha-Cha is much more sensual and could be complicated with its many rhythms.


It is one of the most practiced sports in Cuba with a very long and rich history. Baseball was brought to Cuba around 1860 by Cubans who had played and analyzed it alongside sailors in the United States. Cubans played baseball in almost all the countries where baseball was present on earth.