Must-Try Things to Do in Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Amsterdam is one of the oldest cities in Europe. It dates back to 1300 and is often referred to in travel guides as the “Venice of the North”. Amsterdam offers many attractions for all travel lovers. One of the best places that you should visit is the Mercat. Learn more about it at Amsterdam has many of the best attractions in Europe, such as authentic Dutch and Indonesian cuisine and the many museums that we will explore later. Despite its reputation as a place of vice and pleasure, Amsterdam has something for everyone.


Have a Nice Lunch at Mercat

Inspired by Mercat de la Boqueria in Barcelona, this restaurant offers a great lunch or dinner experience. The location is in East Amsterdam and in Panama’s restaurant. So, you don’t need to get on the bus. In this restaurant, you’ll enjoy delicious Spain cuisine with two open kitchens. Yes, you can look at how the chefs are creating their masterpieces which then go straight to your mouth. Visit Mercat restaurant now.

Enjoy a Cup of Tea at the Duchess

This tea room is located in the W Hotel in Amsterdam. You can choose from one of the many afternoon tea options and marvel at the presentation of each small meal on elegantly layered trays. You can choose one of the Mariage Freres tea blends or opt for a glass of sparkling wine, like a true aristocrat. The luxurious interior features marble tables and many bouquets.

Learn History at the Dutch Resistance Museum

Amsterdam is known for its unusual little museums. The Dutch Resistance Museum is one of them. It is dedicated to the Nazi German occupation of the country, which took place from 1940 to 1945. The museum’s exhibits show all the forms of resistance that the inhabitants put up against the regime, both hidden and overt. The permanent exhibition is an audiovisual installation that includes photos, old posters, and sound clips. It transports visitors to wartime Amsterdam.

Visit the Tuschinski Cinema House

The Tuschinski Film House is one of the most popular buildings in Amsterdam and one of the most beautiful cinemas in the world. Abraham Icek Tuschinski, a Polish immigrant and Jewish tailor commissioned the building. He wanted to use only the best ideas, people, and materials for the construction. The exterior and interior are a combination of art deco and neo-gothic styles. This was Tuschinski’s choice. On either side, tall towers adorn the imposing facade. Inside, the main room seats 740 people and includes couches and private stages for wine and appetizers.

Get a Delicious Dutch Stroopwafel

There’s nothing better than a warm, delicious, freshly baked stroopwafel on a windy Amsterdam day. Follow the smell to find the street vendor. The syrup waffle consists of two thin waffles held together by a layer of syrup. Stroopwafels were invented in Gouda in the 19th century. They are another delicacy that the famous cheese town can be proud of. Locals will tell you that stroopwafels are best when they come from the Albert Cuyp market truck. This family-owned business has been making stroopwafels according to the original Goudsche Siroopwafels recipe for generations.